34% Growth in Gas Refining in 4 Years

فن آوران انرژی پارت
Some 34 percent progress has been observed in the volume of gas refined at refineries under President Rouhani administration as South Pars phases have gotten priority for their operation.

Addition of the gas, obtained from the platforms of the new phases of South Pars gas field, to the bulk of gas already refined in the country, pushed up the volume of refined gas by 34 percent to 61.9 billion cubic meters in the first four months of the Iranian calendar year of 1395 (started on March 21) from 46.2 billion cubic meters in the same period in the year 1392 (March 21, 2013-March 20, 2014).

According to the statistics available, in 1392, natural gas had a share of 54 percent in the fuel basket of power plants, while the percentage rose to 70 and 80 percent in the years 1393 and 1394 respectively.

Meanwhile, natural gas share in the power plants’ fuel mix in the first quarter of this year (started on March 20, 2016), was 96 percent and as six power plant units joined the nationwide gas grid in the past years, 74 power plants have joined the nationwide gas network.

Replacement of gas with liquid fuels in the year 1393 (2014-15), saved the country about $1.8 billion and in the year 1394 (2015-16) more than one billion dollars and the saving will continue this year as well.

Source: Fars News Agency