H Series

The H Series caters to the most demanding working conditions in different applications, from engine and gas turbine co-generation supply to high pressure compressed air production for PET blowing, including sectors such as petrochemical, waste treatment or industrial gas.


These are reciprocating compressors of horizontal type with opposed cylinders, simple or double-acting, of the cross-head type. Each line is driven by two crank sets at 180 ºC to each other. The type of compressor is perfectly balanced because:

  • The two pistons of each line move in opposite directions.
  • Primary and secondary forces cancel out. Therefore there is no possibility of vibration or beating on the ground works.
  • The resultant stresses supported by each crank pin journal are equal and opposing, and they produce an axial torque without any reaction on the sump bearings.

Each compression stage is water cooled both in cylinders and heads, as well as in coolers.; which with counter current cooling water provide air or gas outlet temperatures of 10 ºC above the water inlet temperature.

Power drive is transmitted through an inertia flywheel designed for achieving a minimum irregularity.

Lubrication of the mechanical parts is provided through a gear pump driven by the crankshaft. Some compressor models can have an auxiliary lubricating pump.

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